Race Card


In light of recent politics we have proven ourselves no more than sheep. Oh does that offend you? By perpetrating the imaginary racial divide of our politicians we have actively torn at the foundation Dr Eric Williams built this country upon. “Howw she reach Dr Williams??” I must, because when speaking of racial divides we have to go back to the time of “artsy politics” as Dr Williams called it. He said that politicians of his time were only concerned with themselves and further dividing…

Case Sandra Bland


Just when you think with everything going on in the US, the trend of the police brutality on African Americans would fade, right? Here’s why, once again, we are proven wrong. Sandra Bland, a 28 year old Chicago woman was found dead, hanging in her Texas jail cell on July 13th. But wait, let’s backtrack a bit. Bland was pulled over by state trooper, Brian Encina, on July 10th for failing to use a signal before changing lanes (sounds familiar?). Bland, obviously vex, began to…

PM Kamla: “I got 29 problems”


Aunty Kams strikes again. It seems that in order to participate in the Leaders’ Debate, PM Kamla Bissessar has made a couple….well actually, 29 demands that are apparently ‘non-negotiable’. One of them being that her team must approve of the comfort of the seats at the venue, seeing that she prefers to sit and will NOT stand..STEUPS. To give you further insight of the f*ckery, here’s a brief list of only a few of the remaining 28 demands: Power to refuse moderator. Wants questions placed…

SCORCH introduces: The Voter’s Guide!


The countdown is on to the September 7th elections and with talks of “lesser evils” , premature pull outs and Debate avoidance we have lost some key points in this election debacle. Firstly, if you are in any way unsure of your ability to vote please check here: www.ebctt.com. If you aren’t registered, then leave this article alone and head to your Registration Area Office right now! Next it’s really important to begin sifting through what is white noise and what is factual. A lot…

Frontline Diva vs. Backline Brenda


Once again Band Launch season has fallen upon us. In other words, it is time for one of the most crucial decisions us masqueraders will have to make: Costume choice.
As much as we would all love to play in Frontline and own the road as a ‘Frontline diva’, there are only just so many costumes to go around. Annnnd just so much money that we can pelt out.
Now, props to all the FL divas out there who believe that Carnival is a sacred event and treat it with due reverence. But…there are the lesser known, not as glamourous, who make up the majority of the band.

Meh Fren and Dem… aka Pop a bottle on Tax payers money.


Please stop what you are doing, go into your wallet and take out ALL of your money and throw it out the window. In fact, wait and give it to the very next stranger you see. Don’t have cash? Head to the bank and withdraw a few hundred and then give it away. I can hear it already: “Steupss, this writer MAD! Who going and do that?” You wouldn’t dare give away your hard earned money, so why are you letting the government do it?…