SCORCH Budget Review


So we at SCORCH eh no political analysts or finance gurus, but we pay our taxes just like everybody else so we felt we could weigh in on the election goodies Tanty Kams and Uncle Larry had for us. We might be a little late to the party, but we’ll give yuh our two cents anyway: PUMP: New things we like South Quay/City Gate flood alleviation programme “’When it rain, Port-of-Spain in pain, ‘dem drain under strain, so is flood again. My friends, money eh…

Trini Home Wreckers: SCORCH Exclusive Interview

thw, I’m not sure about you but I have not been able to turn away my bleeding eyes! The sort of bacchanal featured on the homewreckers website also known as ‘THW’ will rival the likes of TV programs such as RHOA, LLHA, and Scandal! The stories on this website are like a train wreck in progress and although you’re aware of the end result, (destruction, mayhem and big time make-out) one just cannot get enough… or at least I can’t! LOL! The website owner proudly…

Bandwagonist Unite!

Bandwagonist- Unite-2

Let’s face it. Being a wagonist is way more fun and fulfilling than being a die-hard supporter. Who wants a team that loses anyway? Just to say in the next 7 years that you were supporting them even when they were losing? Bleh. Totally not worth it. And we not just talking about sports, we taking any and everything! so watch out!! The bandwagonists win. Every time.

How Your Bumpa Get So Broad


Whether it be Apple Bottom, Heavy T, or the Cake Cake Cake Cake, it appears as though, it’s all about dat A$$ these days. I ask myself, is there something in the water? This cannot be all KFC and macaroni pie’s doing, let’s be real here.

10 “Little white lies” women tell


It’s not that we want to, it’s that we have to. It keeps us sane and keeps relationships long lasting. We were originally going to do this as a male/ female piece but in essence both men and women lie about the same things. Women are just much better at it, so there is a level of uncertainty there. Is she being truthful? Or is she lying? – Poor guys!

Fast Food Worker Fired for Good Service


In what is being branded as the most outrageous dismissal in recent history, an employee of a local, popular restaurant chain has been sent home for consistently providing good customer service. At the centre of the controversy is twenty-four year old Keisha McGoldteet, a self-described mother of two who keeps it real with the exception of her hair. Having been recently promoted from Junior Cashier to Senior Drive-Thru Officer, McGoldteet found herself in hot water after consistent reports of good service made their way back…

Bring Drinks! I Say to Bring Sips!


Ginger Beer! Ponche ah Crème and Sorrel! A glass of local wine went to his head! He turned to me and said! Oh Yes! Trini Christmas is the best! You know you bell out the lyrics to this song every Christmas but do you know what’s in these drinks? The next best thing to Trinidad’s fruit cake is its local beverages for Christmas. Ever had a cold glass of sorrel and yuh park up? Ponche De Creme [youtube] Drink ah rum an ah ponche…