So I got up this morning and did something I usually don’t do. I checked my Twitter. I clicked the Search bar and was shown some of the highest trending topics. There was only one that really caught my eye, #ItsADateIf. However, we all know we don’t ‘date’ in the Caribbean so I had to add a little twist on the hashtag with #YuhKnowHeTrackingYuhIf…. #HeTrackingYuhIf …He picks you up. Regardless of if it’s a rust-bucket, when a man goes out of his way to pick…



Pear-shaped… hourglass-shaped… ectomorph… mesomorph… top-heavy… bottom-heavy… We’ve all heard of the different body types as described in everything from medical science journals to your everyday magazine. For those of you who aren’t sure where exactly you fit, SCORCH has put together an easy reference list that we’re sure you can all relate to.

How to spot Thirsty N!ggas


We all know those n!ggas that stay being thirsty. They’re out there throwing their line into the water hoping any ol’ wabeen will bite. Here are a few sure ways to spot them Gatorade needing, dry throat like they’re in the Sahara type fools.

Bedroom Bully 101

Bedroom Bully

From the beginning of time, sex has been entangled with alot of ego and pride in one’s work. Everyone likes feeling like they are a champ in the chambers, sensual slayer in the sheets and a big, bad bully in the bedroom! Some of you may be wondering, “How do I become a Bedroom Bully?” Well, as expected, SCORCH has got the formula!

10 Ways To Do You Boo Boo!


We think it’s high time you females learn to ‘do you’ humbly and unapologetically. You don’t need to post weekly memes proclaiming how much you’re doing your thing, how independent you are and why everyone should ‘Beware of Your Crazy’ if they cross you. JUST DO IT!

Why Man Does Horn


For decades psychologists and sociologists have plunged into research centering the unavoidable phenomenon of infidelity. And for years we have read many EliteDaily and BuzzFeed articles trying to, ourselves, figure out why males cannot seem to fight the urge to cheat. As such, SCORCH is happy to provide you with our own theories on the reasons why man does horn.