The SCORCHER: Tactless Toppin


Earlier this week Trinidad and Tobago was sent into a state of shock and disgust with what could be the most distasteful and unnecessary statements made by a member of Parliament, ever. After those statements, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin made a very insincere apology which we have dissected below: “I unreservedly apologise to everyone who felt uncomfortable or outraged because of the statement I made in Parliament.” The truth: Im apologising because im now under the fire and feeling the heat due to my repulsive statement. Rape…

8 Things We Learnt From Them Blasted Roadblocks


Despite frequent claims of “no vehicles available” and “Sergeant how-he-name on sick leave”, the police service clearly has the resources to organise a nationwide stop and search when they want. Apparently, the qualifications for a police offer are 5 CXC passes and a minimum of 3 yrs working experience at Laughlin & DeGannes since everything from engine oil to tyre pressure was getting checked. While they were checking for vehicular defects, the police clearly weren’t concerned about the use of mobile phones while driving since…

The SCORCHER: Plastikeep, Poo Buses and Tigers


So while Trinidad and Tobago seek to shut down Plastikeep and buss down the Bamboo Cathedral, other countries are set to bring in the Poo Bus! The United Kingdom announced the vehicle that will be run on bio methane gas from sewerage and inedible food waste. The Bio‐Bus has been running from Bristol to the Bath airport but this will be the first attempt for it to run in the city. The bus can seat 40 people and the service will run 4 days a…

Types of Couples


So we are all familiar with the story of God taking Adam’s rib and making him a mate, a partner for a lonely man so he could have someone to support him, love him, care for him, uplift him, etc. (we all know how important a woman is). So, a billion years ago, The Boss basically created a prototype of what a relationship should be. However, over time it has changed and developed in so many ways and birthed all kinda different functional and dysfunctional scenarios. So, as always, SCORCH is here to explain to you the different and most popular types of relationships.

The SCORCHER: Bamboo Cathedral Bacchanal & Plastikeep Thrown Away


Wait, what madness we reading here? Ok, we have no problem with safety measures being implemented and we are all for creating more opportunities for healthy ourdoor activity options, but demolishing the Bamboo Cathedral in Chaguaramas to do it?? Awww, HELL no! So, it is alleged that the majestic Bamboo Cathedral is to be destroyed to accommodate night riding? Seriously? How many people really go riding there in the night? So many that you have to get rid of this spectacular vision of nature?? All…

Nudie Rules


From the beginning of time, there has always seemed to be an unexplainable zeal for sharing ones privates across whatever available medium at the time. However, with the introduction and rapid expansion of social media and mobile devices in today’s society, the naked art form has become agreeably a bit more tricky. With the wide varirty of platforms and their extensive functionalities, there is nothing stopping someone from instantaneously copying/saving and sharing an image you send them. Thus, the only way to protect yourself nowadays…

The SCORCHER: New Political Movement & Treasury ‘Rape’ Accusations


Apparently, some people don’t learn. However, they are ready to educate the public in differences. For example, COP is a political party, formed on some bad mind vibes. You know the saying, “Yuh lose yuh man how yuh get him”? Right, well now some of the past members of the COP that have left quite recently have now started a political movement. Now, there is a difference between a political party and a political movement. The thing about the difference is that we don’t care….

The SCORCHER: Foreign Investors & Minister of Burglary Affairs

Convention Centre

Ok, so do the Dr. Evil pinky finger thing with me and and say it out loud…US$1Billion dollars! *Muahahaha* That is how much a contingent from Saudi Arabia is ready to invest in Trinidad and Tobago. The group was seen looking at a few places including the Magdalena Grand Resort in Tobago and the Convention Centre in Chaguaramas. So, perhaps this group is the so-called private investor that was ‘leased’ the land etc? I guess we will see. Let us just hope whatever is happening…

Things Trinis Should Give Up For Lent

Thirst Trap

Two weeks into the shadow of Carnival and with Easter right around the corner, some of us still find ourselves making and breaking our Lenten promises to ourselves. Who swore they would stop doing this and start doing that, yet living the same life they living since 2012. So, for those of you who, despite your New Year resolutions, still living yuh life wrong, SCORCH has some suggestions of how you can still try to redeem yuhself this Lent.