10 People Yuh Go Find In Every Fete


Yesterday, we gave you a crash course in ‘Fetiquette 101′, listing all the major do’s and don’ts for party-goers this Carnival season and beyond (hope allyuh had a good read and take heed!). As mentioned prior in the previous article, there are always certain characters that consistently appear in each and every Carnival outing. Whether it’s somebody in your crew, a random stranger in the party or you self, yuh bound to find one somewhere in the party. So, after critical acclaim, it only seems…



No stranger to the world of Mas, Social Media or Ole Talk, we welcome Valmiki Maharaj to the SCORCH team with his weekly installments of whatever the hell he feels like talking about. Coming to you every Wednesday. Enjoy!

30 Years, 1 Sound: The Iwer George Story


The Boss. The Big Man in the Business. Call him what you want, Neil ‘Iwer’ George is a soca staple with a career that rivals perhaps only that of Machel Montano in longevity. Since his Road March runner-up ‘Boom Boom Time’ in 1987 (yes, NINETEEN EIGHTY-SEVEN! De man shelling down fete since before the coup!) Iwer has been dropping hit after hit, racking up 3 Soca Monarch titles, a Road March title and a slew of top 3 finishes in both competitions over a 30…

“Where all dem woman does come from daddayyyy?”: A question answered


Every year as the long awaited Carnival season rolls around, people of the sweet republic of Trinbago swell with the anticipation of the massive star studded fetes, the rivers of alcohol, ‘bumpas like rain’ and the general euphoric atmosphere that completely envelops the entire country. However, there is one thing about this festive occasion that keeps most men up nights in sheer bafflement. A phenomenon as old as time that, for years, has gone unexplained…until now. That is, as young soca star on the rise,…

SCORCH Awards 2014


Local Celebrity Scandal Winner: Room 201 Girls, Ganja and a Government Minister. If there was a Naparima Girls’ Bachannal Cookbook that would most certainly be the recipe for public scandal. Earlier this year in May, a video surfaced featuring a man who both looked and sounded like then Sports Minister Anil Roberts, rolling a small amount of marijuana in a hotel room whilst surrounded by a bevy of women. Despite the uncanny likeness in appearance and voice, Roberts adamantly denied that the self-proclaimed ‘two-pull man’…

SCORCH Soca Guide


So, you hardly listen to the radio, and still waiting on Private Ryan to release his first soca mix for the season… here’s a lil help on finding some of the already-blazing tunes for Carnival 2015.. if we missed any, let us know! (The list is in no particular order) TRINIDADIAN Ola – Olatunji (Kan Kan Riddim) The Best – Sekon Sta (Kan Kan Riddim) Her Love – Flipo (Kan Kan Riddim) Phenomenal – Benjai (Kan Kan Riddim) Awesome – Benjai (Jungle Book Riddim) he…

Original Service, Spicy Prices


KFC came to Trinidad back in 1973, opening its first outlet in St. James that still stands today (that’s right, even back then St. James had everything). With over 40 years of oil in de coil that makes it the oldest international restaurant franchise in Trinidad and older than most people who reading this. We children of the ‘80s and ‘90s grew up on it, always looking forward to the odd Friday or birthday when our parents would buy us a Munch Pack and we’d…

Selfie Caption Fixing – An Instagram Reality


Well they surely took their cool time with this one. God knows everyone wanted the option to be able to edit your Instagram captions since you uploaded your very first photo. True Selfie addicts know that after taking the perfect bathroom pic, adding several filters and effects, the icing on the cake is the ideal caption complete with that ever so crucial emoji. How many times after you hit the “share” button you thought of a wittier caption, noticed a spelling error or forgot to…