Project Fat Boy Slim


Now as you know, SCORCH is a lifestyle brand. Yes, a big part of what we do involves partying, pumping, kicks and so on but there is a more serious side to things as well. While this may not be what we are best known for, it is something we pride ourselves in nonetheless. The “Project FatBoy Slim” (P.F.S.) concept was born out of this. We essentially wanted to set someone on a path of health, strength and overall well being

We didn’t have to go far to find the first candidate; our very own Christopher Daniel was as good as any.

THE GOAL: Help Chris lose that fat a$$ over a 9 month period, and do it the RIGHT WAY!

To accomplish this we knew we were going to need some professional help because this was not going to be easy. It was going to take a lot more than running the savannah a few times a week to say the least. Like Nick Fury in the Avengers, we set out to put together a crack-shot team to accomplish this monumental task.

THE TRAINER: Tobias Ottley MSc – Certified since 2006. He trains everyone from Olympians to the regular Joe/Jane applying sound exercise science and principles! Tag line: Success through sweat & science!

THE DIETITIAN: Jordanna Hadeed RD – Sport Nutritionist

SUPPORT TEAM: Our friends at WrapWorks were kind enough to come on board as official Food provider for P.F.S

As the need arises we may be adding to this team, but it’s a good start!

We are inviting all of you to follow Chris on his journey. He will be blogging every week at reporting on his progress and daily challenges. We will also have a progress report in each SCORCH issue after this one, for the next 9 months. On the real, Project FatBoy Slim should be one that will provide inspiration and motivation for one and all.

P.F.S. - Chris in May